Volume 63·Number 1·Winter 2013

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An Evaluation of Resurgence During Functional Communication Training. David P. Wacker, Jay W. Harding, Theresa A. Morgan, Wendy K. Berg, Kelly M. Schieltz, John F. Lee, and Yaniz C. Padilla

Giant African Pouched Rats as Detectors of Tuberculosis in Human Sputum: Comparison of Two Techniques for Sputum Presentation. Alisha M. Wray, Amanda Mahoney, Bart J. Weetjens, Christophe Cox, Maureen Jubitana, Rudovic Kazwala, Godfrey S. Mfinanga, Amy Durgin, and Alan Poling

How Sex and College Major Relate to Mental Rotation Accuracy and Preferred Strategy: An Electroencephalographic (EEG) Investigation. Yingli Li and Michael O’Boyle

Establishment and Maintenance of Socially Learned Conditioned Reinforcement in Young Children: Elimination of the Role of Adults and View of Peers’ Faces. Michelle Zrinzo and R. Douglas Greer

Go/No-Go Procedure With Compound Stimuli: Effects of Training Structure on the Emergence of Equivalence Classes. Priscila C. Grisante, Fernanda L. Galesi, Nathalí M. Sabino, Paula Debert, Erik Arntzen, and William J. McIlvane

Reduction in Memory Specificity Following an Approach/Avoidance Scrambled Sentences Task Relates to Cognitive Avoidant Coping. Elise Debeer, Filip Raes, J. Mark G. Williams, and Dirk Hermans

Controlling Relations in Baseline Conditional Discriminations as Determinants of Stimulus Equivalence. Julio C. de Rose, Matheus Hidalgo, and Mariliz Vasconcellos

Procedures for Increasing Sustained Attention in Adults With Mild Intellectual Disabilities. Adam H. Doughty and Dean C. Williams

Establishing Arbitrarily Applicable Relations of Same and Opposite With the Relational Completion Procedure: Selection-Based Feedback. Simon Dymond, Tsz Ching Ng, and Robert Whelan

Mimetic Relation as Matching-to-Sample Observing Response and the Emergence of Speaker Relations in Children With and Without Hearing Impairments. Nassim Chamel Elias and Celso Goyos

Effects of a CARO on Stimulus Equivalence Formation: A Systematic Replication. Abdulrazaq A. Imam and Justin V. Blanche

Matching-to-Sample and Stimulus-Pairing-Observation Procedures in Stimulus Equivalence: The Effects of Number of Trials and Stimulus Arrangement. Jennifer May Kinloch, James Stewart Anderson McEwan, and T. Mary Foster

The Impact of Chronic Pesticide Exposure on Neuropsychological Functioning. Caitlin G. Schultz and F. Richard Ferraro

Cultural Influences on Number Preferences: Christmas and Grading Systems. Stefan Stieger and Zlatan Krizan

The Roles of Semantic Sense and Form-Meaning Connection in Translation Priming. Xueying Luo, Him Cheung, David Bel, Li Li, Lin Chen, and Lei Mo

Cognitive Defusion Versus Thought Distraction in the Mitigation of Learned Helplessness. Nic Hooper and Louise McHugh

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