Volume 62·Number 1·Winter 2012

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The Role of Sexual Compulsivity, Impulsivity, and Experiential Avoidance in Internet Pornography Use. Chad T. Wetterneck, Angela J. Burgess, Mary B. Short, Angela H. Smith, and Maritza E. Cervantes

The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence From a Gendered Approach. Esther Lopez-Zafra, Rocio Garcia-Retamero, M. Pilar Berrios Martos

Interdependency Between Risk Assessments for Self and Other in the Field of Comparative Optimism: The Contribution of Response Times. Florence Spitzenstetter and Sarah Schimchowitsch

Experimenter Effects on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Task Performance During Mental Stress Testing. Nicole Siegwarth, Kevin T. Larkin, and Christine Kemmner

An Experimental Investigation of Cognitive Defusion. Brian C. Pilecki and Dean McKay

Equivalent Stimuli Are More Strongly Related After Training With Delayed Matching Than After Simultaneous Matching: A Study Using the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP). Renato Bortoloti and Julio C. de Rose

A Behavior Analytically Modified Implicit Association Test for Measuring Sexual Categorization of Children. Amanda Gavin, Bryan Roche, Maria R. Ruiz, Maria Hogan, and Anthony O’Reilly

Does Conspecific Fighting Yield Conditioned Taste Aversion in Rats? Sadahiko Nakajima, Gaku Kumazawa, Hayato Ieki, and Aya Hashimoto

The Influence of Prior Handling on the Effective CS-US Interval in Long-Trace Taste-Aversion Conditioning in Rats. Charles F. Hinderliter, Amy Andrews, and James R. Misanin


The Role of Emotions in Reinforcement: Response Selection in Humans. Geir Overskeid


Historical Psychology and the Milgram Paradigm: Tests of an Experimentally Derived Model of Defiance Using Accounts of Massacres by Nazi Reserve Police Battalion 101. Douglas J. Navarick


Behavioral Foundations of Effective Autism Treatment by Mayville, E. A., & Mulick, J. A. (Eds.), reviewed by Lindsay Deling and F. Richard Ferraro

Learning from Animals? Examining the Nature of Human Uniqueness by Röska-Hardy, L. S., & Neumann-Held, E. M. (Eds.), reviewed by Thomas R. Zentall

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