Volume 61·Number 1·Winter 2011

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Differences in Mental Rotation Strategies for Native Speakers of Chinese and English and How They Vary as a Function of Sex and College Major. Yingli Li and Michael W. O’Boyle

The Effects of Concealing Academic Achievement Information on Adolescents’ Self-Concept. Baoshan Zhang, Mo Wang, Juan Li, Guoliang Yu, and Yan-Ling Bi

Self-Reflection, Insight, and Individual Differences in Various Language Tasks. Xu Xu

Sharing, Discounting, and Selfishness: A Japanese–American Comparison. Masato Ito, Daisuke Saeki, and Leonard Green

Targeting Fear of Spiders With Control-, Acceptance-, and Information-Based Approaches. Alexandra L. Wagener and Robert D. Zettle

Slot Machine Preferences of Pathological and Recreational Gamblers Are Verbally Constructed. Mark R. Dixon, Holly L. Bihler, and Becky L. Nastally

Testing the Reliability of Delay Discounting of Ten Commodities Using the Fill-in-the-Blank Method. Jeffrey N. Weatherly, Adam Derenne, and Heather K. Terrell

Examining Antecedent Control Over Emergent Mands and Tacts in Young Children. Claire E. Egan and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

Backward Blocking and Interference Between Cues Are Empirically Equivalent in Non–Causally Framed Learning Tasks. David Luque, Joaquín Morís, Cristina Orgaz, Pedro L. Cobos, and Helena Matute


Interteaching: Bringing Behavioral Education Into the 21st Century. Bryan K. Saville, Tonya Lambert, and Stephen Robertson

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