Volume 60·Number 1·Winter 2010

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Varieties of Stimulus Control in Matching-to-Sample: A Kernel Analysis. Lanny Fields, Michelle Garruto, and Mari Watanabe

An Exploration of Remote History Effects in Humans: II. The Effects Under Fixed-Interval, Variable-Interval, and Fixed-Ratio Schedules. Hiroto Okouchi

The Problem Is Not Learning: Facilitated Acquisition of Stimulus Equivalence Classes Among Low-Achieving College Students. Amanda C. Adcock, Rhonda M. Merwin, Kelly G. Wilson, Chad E. Drake, Christina I. Tucker, and Camden Elliot

The Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure: Exploring the Impact of Private Versus Public Contexts and the Response Latency Criterion on Pro-White and Anti-Black Stereotyping Among White Irish Individuals. Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Aisling Murphy, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, and Ian Stewart

Examining the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure: Four Preliminary Studies. Chad E. Drake, Karen Kate Kellum, Kelly G. Wilson, Jason B. Luoma, Jonathan H. Weinstein, and Catherine H. Adams

Time of Semester as a Factor in Participants’ Obedience to Instructions to Perform an Aversive Task. Douglas J. Navarick and John A. Bellone

Effects of Response-Signal Temporal Separation on Behavior Maintained Under Temporally Defined Schedules of Delayed Signaled Reinforcement. Marco A. Pulido and Guillermo Martínez


Philosophy of Science, With Special Consideration Given to Behaviorismas the Philosophy of the Science of Behavior. J. Moore


Schedules of Reinforcement at 50: A Retrospective Appreciation. David L. Morgan


The Accidental Mind: How Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams, and God, by D. J. Linden, reviewed by Thomas R. Zentall

Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology, by C. Crawford and D. Krebs, reviewed by Noel W. Smith

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