Volume 61·Number 3·Summer 2011

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In Memoriam: Jon Lloyd Williams (1938–2011)

Conditional Discriminations by Preverbal Children in an Identity Matching-to-Sample Task. Maria Stella C. de Alcantara Gil, Thais Porlan de Oliveira, and William J. McIlvane

Using Morphed Images to Study Visual Detection of Cutaneous Melanoma Symptom Evolution. Elizabeth A. Dalianis, Thomas S. Critchfield, Niki L. Howard, J. Scott Jordan, and Adam Derenne

Effects of Deprivation of Vomeronasal Chemoreception on Prey Discrimination in Rattlesnakes. C. Patrick Stark, Chelsea Tiernan, and David Chiszar

Establishing a Deictic Relational Repertoire in Young Children. Timothy M. Weil, Steven C. Hayes, and Philip Capurro

On the Formation and Persistence of Implicit Attitudes: New Evidence From the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP). Sean Hughes and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

The Effect of Male Confederate Presence, Betting, and Accuracy of Play on Males’ Gambling on Blackjack. Casey L. McDougall, Cheryl Terrance, and Jeffrey N. Weatherly

Self-Control and Impulsivity in Children: Multiple Behavioral Measures. L. B. Forzano, Jennifer L. Michels, R. K. Carapella, Patrick Conway, and J. J. Chelonis


Behaviorism. J. Moore


The Dominance of Associative Theorizing in Implicit Attitude Research: Propositional and Behavioral Alternatives. Sean Hughes, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, and Jan De Houwer

An Integrative Process Approach on Judgment and Decision Making: The Impact of Arousal, Affect, Motivation, and Cognitive Ability. Arne Roets and Alain Van Hiel


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