Volume 60·Number 3·Summer 2010

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Salt-Induced Thirst Results in Increased Finickiness in Humans. Richard J. Stevenson, Trevor I. Case, and Megan J. Oaten

The “Negative” Credit Card Effect: Credit Cards As Spending-Limiting Stimuli in New Zealand. Celia Lie, Maree Hunt, Heather L. Peters, Bahrie Veliu, and David Harper

Assessing Perspective Taking in Schizophrenia Using Relational Frame Theory. Matthieu Villatte, Jean-Louis Monestès, Louise McHugh, Esteve Freixa I Baqué, and Gwenolé Loas

The Effects of Different Training Structures in the Establishment of Conditional Discriminations and Subsequent Performance on Tests for Stimulus Equivalence. Erik Arntzen, Terje Grondahl, and Christoffer Eilifsen

College Students Discount Money “Won” More Than Money “Owed.” Jeffrey N. Weatherly, Adam Derenne, and Heather K. Terrell

Establishing Mand Emergence: The Effects of Three Training Procedures and Modified Antecedent Conditions. Claire E. Egan and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

Establishing Complex Derived Manding With Children With and Without a Diagnosis of Autism. Carol Murphy and Dermot Barnes-Holmes


More Misbehavior of Organisms: A Psi Chi Lecture by Marian and Robert Bailey. Elson M. Bihm, J. Arthur Gillaspy Jr., Hannah J. Abbott, and William J. Lammers

IQ Zoo and Teaching Operant Concepts. Elson M. Bihm, J. Arthur Gillaspy Jr., William J. Lammers, and Stephanie P. Huffman


A Sketch of the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) and the Relational Elaboration and Coherence (REC) Model. Dermot Barnes- Holmes, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ian Stewart, and Shawn Boles


Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research (Third Edition), by J. M. Johnston and H. S. Pennypacker, reviewed by Marc Weeden, Chris Corwin, and Alan Poling

Learning ACT: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists, by J. B. Luoma, S. C. Hayes, and R. D. Walser, reviewed by Marc Weeden and Alan Poling

Interactions Between Short-Term and Long-Term Memory in the Verbal Domain, by A. Thorn and M. Page, reviewed by Caitlin G. Schultz, Margaret L. Cowles, and F. Richard Ferraro

Handbook of Approach and Avoidance Motivation, by A. J. Elliot (Ed.), reviewed by Kathy Korell-Rach and F. Richard Ferraro


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