Volume 61·Number 2·Spring 2011

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In Memoriam. Parker E. Lichtenstein (1915–2011)

A Relational Frame Training Intervention to Raise Intelligence Quotients: A Pilot Study. Sarah Cassidy, Bryan Roche, and Steven C. Hayes

Pavlovian Extinction of the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Nicotine and Ethanol in Rats Varies as a Function of Context. Joseph R. Troisi II

Postreinforcement Pause Duration Varies Within a Session and With a Variable Response Requirement but Not as a Function of Prior Revolutions. Terry W. Belke

A Derived Relations Analysis of Approach–Avoidance Conflict: Implications for the Behavioral Analysis of Human Anxiety. Steven Gannon, Bryan Roche, Jonathan W. Kanter, John P. Forsyth, and Conor Linehan

Future-Oriented Coping and Job Hunting Among College Students. Yueqin Hu and Yiqun Gan

Exploring the Relationship Between Workaholism Facets and Personality Traits: A Replication in American Workers. Shahnaz Aziz and Casie L. Tronzo

Establishing Contextual Control Over Symmetry and Asymmetry Performances in Typically Developing Children and Children With Autism. Jennifer O’Connor, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, and Dermot Barnes-Holmes


The Matching Law. Alan Poling, Timothy L. Edwards, Marc Weeden, and T. Mary Foster

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