Volume 60·Number 2·Spring 2010

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In Memoriam. Ronald J. Schusterman (1932-2010)

Product Substitutability and the Matching Law. Gordon R. Foxall, Victoria K. James, Jorge M. Oliveira-Castro, and Sarah Ribier

Response of Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes (Crotalus atrox) to Chemical Cues of Mice (Mus musculus) of Different Genders and Reproductive Status. Anthony J. Saviola, David Chiszar, Matthew T. Bealor, and Hobart M. Smith

Unique Outcome Expectations as a Training and Pedagogical Tool. Leh Woon Mok, Angeles F. Estevez, and J. Bruce Overmier

The Valued Living Questionnaire: Defining and Measuring Valued Action Within a Behavioral Framework. Kelly G. Wilson, Emily K. Sandoz, Jennifer Kitchens, and Miguel Roberts

Internet Addiction and Delay Discounting in College Students. Bryan K. Saville, Amanda Gisbert, Jason Kopp, and Carolyn Telesco

Using the Implicit Association Test and the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure to Measure Attitudes Toward Meat and Vegetables in Vegetarians and Meat-Eaters. Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Louise Murtagh, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, and Ian Stewart

Measures of Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Mainstream and BDSM Sexual Terms Using the IRAP and Questionnaire with BDSM/Fetish and Student Participants. Fawna M. J. Stockwell, Diana J. Walker, and John W. Eshleman

On Misconceptions About Behavior Analysis Among University Students and Teachers. Erik Arntzen, Jon Lokke, Gunn Lokke, and Dag-Erik Eilertsen      


Consequence Valuing as Operation and Process: A Parsimonious Analysis of Motivation. Robert Whelan and Dermot Barnes-Holmes


The Selective Impact of Skinner’s Verbal Behavior on Emirical Research: A Reply to Schlinger (2008). Simon Dymond and Benigno Alonso-Alvarez

The Impact of Skinner’s Verbal Behavior: A Response to Dymond and Alonso-Alvarez. Henry D. Schlinger Jr.


The Animal Mind at 100: A Review of The Animal Mind: A Textbook of Comparative Psychology by Margaret Floy Washburn, reviewed by David A. Washburn

Treating Stress and Anxiety: A Practitioner’s Guide to Evidence-Based Approaches, by L. Nejad and K. Volny, reviewed by Caitlin G. Schultz, Joanna Marino, John Campbell, and F. Richard Ferraro

Obesity: Causes, Mechanisms, Prevention, and Treatment, by E. M. Blass, reviewed by Joanna M. Marino, Margaret L. Cowles, Troy W. Ertelt, Kathy Korell, John Campbell, and F. Richard Ferraro

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