Volume 62·Number 4·Fall 2012

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Behavioral and Physiological Neural Network Analyses: A Common Pathway Toward Pattern Recognition and Prediction. Chris Ninness, Judy L. Lauter, Michael Coffee, Logan Clary, Elizabeth Kelly, Marilym Rumph, Robin Rumph, and Betty Kyle

Examining the Reinforcing Properties of Making Sense: A Preliminary Investigation. Alisha M. Wray, Michael J. Dougher, Derek A. Hamilton, and Paul M. Guinther

Improving Accuracy of Sleep Self-Reports Through Correspondence Training. Claire C. St. Peter, Hawley E. Montgomery-Downs, and Joel P. Massullo

Effects of Social Reinforcement Contingent on Conventional or Unconventional Responses on Generalized Creativity by Older Adults in Residential Care. Courtney Allyn Polenick and Stephen Ray Flora

A Revised Procedure for Analyzing Private Events. Akira Sonoda and Hiroto Okouchi

Facilitating Responding in Accordance With the Relational Frame of Comparison II: Methodological Analyses. Agata Vitale, Claire Campbell, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

The Effect of a Brief Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention on the Near-Miss Effect in Problem Gamlers. Becky L. Nastally and Mark R. Dixon

Effects of Historical and Social Variables on Instruction Following. Andréia Kroger-Costa and Josele Abreu-Rodrigues

Extinction of the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Nicotine With a Devalued Reinforcer: Recovery Following Revaluation. Joseph R. Troisi II, Erin Bryant, and Jennifer Kane

Existential Attitudes and Eastern European Adolescents' Problem and Health Behaviors: Highlighting the Role of the Search for Meaning in Life. Lázló Brassai, Bettina F. Piko, and Michael F. Steger

The Mechanism by Which Interpersonal Coping Flexibility Influences Self-Esteem . Yiqun Gan and Jun Liu

A Connectionist Model of Stimulus Class Formation With a Yes/No Procedure and Compound Stimuli. Angel E. Tovar and Alvaro Torres Chávez

Word Concreteness as a Moderator of the Tip-of the-Tongue Effect. Jennifer L. Giancio-Relyea and Jeanette Altarriba

The Interplay Between Rumination and Intrusions in the Prediction of Concurrent and Prospective Depressive Symptoms in Two Nonclinical Samples. Jorien Smets, Ineke Wessel, Ellen Schreurs, and Filip Raes


The Unusual Suspects: Myths and Misconceptions Associated With PECS. Andy Bondy


Delay and Probability Discounting in Humans: An Overview. Todd L. McKerchar and C. Renee Renda


Not a Black Box: A Review of Rutherford's Beyond the box: B. F. Skinner's Technology of Behavior From Laboratory to Life, 1950s-1970s . Bryan D. Midgley


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