Volume 60·Number 4·Fall 2010

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Thank You, Ivar. Joseph E. Morrow

Humans and Monkeys Exert Metacognitive Control Based on Learning Difficulty in a Perceptual Categorization Task. Joshua S. Redford

Intertemporal Decision-Making for a Group. Richard Yi, Leila F. King, Anne E. Carter, Reid D. Landes, and Warren K. Bickel

Self-Control and Impulsiveness in Nondieting Adult Human Females: Effects of Visual Food Cues and Food Deprivation. Lori-Ann B. Forzano, John J. Chelonis, Caitlin Casey, Marion Forward, Jacqueline A. Stachowiak, and Jennifer Wood

Characterizing Response-Reinforcer Relations in the Natural Environment: Exploratory Matching Analyses. Jolene R. Sy, John C. Borrero, and Carrie S. W. Borrero

A Comparison Among Worker Types Using a Composites Approach and Median Splits. Shahnaz Aziz, Karl L. Wuensch, and Howard R. Brandon

Proactive and Preventive Coping in Adjustment to College. Yiqun Gan, Yueqin Hu, and Yiwen Zhang

Trained and Derived Relations With Pictures Versus Abstract Stimuli as Nodes. Erik Arntzen and Torunn Lian

The Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure as a Measure of Self-Esteem. C. Alix Timko, Erica L. England, James D. Herbert, and Evan M. Forman


What Do Mental Terms Mean? Jay Moore


Using Giant African Pouched Rats (Cricetomys gambianus) to Detect Landmines. Alan Poling, Bart J. Weetjens, Christophe Cox, Negussie W. Beyene, and Andrew Sully


The Mental Model Theory of Reasoning: Refinements and Extensions, by W. Schaeken, A. Vandierendonck, W. Schroyens, and G. d’Ydewalle (Eds.), reviewed by Brad Morris

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