Volume 63·Number 3·Summer 2013

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Auditory Stimulus Equivalence and Non-Arbitrary Relations. Ian Stewart and Niamh Lavelle

Is the Diminished Attentional Blink for Salient T2 Stimuli Driven by a Response Bias? Helen Tibboel, Jan De Houwer, Bram Van Bockstaele, and Bruno Verschuere

Hyperboloid Discounting of Delayed Outcomes: Magnitude Effects and the Gain–Loss Asymmetry. Todd L. McKerchar, Stephan Pickford, and Shannon E. Robertson

Erratum. Figure 2 from McKerchar & Renda, 2012, “Delay and Probability Discounting In Humans: An Overview”

A Preliminary Evaluation of Reinstatement of Destructive Behavior Displayed by Individuals With Autism. Terry S. Falcomata, Katherine J. Hoffman, Summer Gainey, Colin S. Muething, and Daniel M. Fienup

Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure and Body-Weight Bias: Influence of Gender of Participants and Targets. Jason Nolan, Carol Murphy, and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

Self-Reports of Nipple Erection in Emotional and Somatic Contexts. Marissa A. Harrison, Katee Jones, Susan M. Hughes, and Amy J. LeFevre

Rats Can Discriminate Between Different Durations of Wheel Running. Terry W. Belke and Danielle N. LeCours

Effects of Sugar Consumption on Human Behavior and Performance. Stephen Ray Flora and Courtney Allyn Polenick

Simple Successive Discrimination and Functional Class Formation in Preschool Children. Daniela de Souza Canovas, Deisy das Graças de Souza, and Romariz da Silva Barros

Delayed Matching-to-Sample and Linear Series Training Structures. Torunn Lian and Erik Arntzen

Probability and Delay Discounting of Gains and Losses Using the Multiple-Choice Method. Jeffrey N. Weatherly and Adam Derenne

Giant African Pouched Rats (Cricetomys Gambianus) as Detectors of Tuberculosis in Human Sputum: Two Operational Improvements. Amanda Mahoney, Timothy L. Edwards, Bart J. Weetjens, Christophe Cox, Negussie Beyene, Maureen Jubitana, Amy Durgin, and Alan Poling

Discrimination of Fixed-Interval Schedules by Humans. Hiroto Okouchi

Past Perspective Is Related to Present Relationships: Past-Positive and Negative Time Perspectives Differentially Predict Rejection Sensitivity. Michael J. Bernstein and Jacob A. Benfield

Age Differences in Emotion Recognition Between Chinese Younger and Older Adults. Zhenling Ma, Juan Li, Yanan Niu, Jing Yu, and Lixia Yang


Coming to Terms With Motivation in the Behavior-Analytic Literature. Raquel M. Aló and Carlos R. X. Cançado


Commentary on “Coming to Terms With Motivation in the Behavior-Analytic Literature” by Aló and Cançado. Robert Whelan and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

Technical Terms, Intervening Variables, and the Limits of the Concept of Motivation: A Response to Whelan and Barnes-Holmes’s (2013) Commentary. Raquel M. Aló and Carlos R. X. Cançado


Tutorial: Cognitive Psychology as a Radical Behaviorist Views It. Jay Moore

Three Views of Behaviorism. Jay Moore


Impressions of Consequences: A Review of The Science of Consequences by Susan M. Schneider. Travis Thompson

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