Volume 62·Number 3·Summer 2012

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Patterns of Reinforcement and the Essential Value of Brands: I. Incorporation of Utilitarian and Informational Reinforcement Into the Estimation of Demand. Ji Yan, Gordon R. Foxall, and John R. Doyle

Patterns of Reinforcement and the Essential Value of Brands: II. Evaluation of a Model of Consumer Choice. Ji Yan, Gordon R. Foxall, and John R. Doyle

Participant Withdrawal as a Function of Hedonic Value of Task and Time of Semester. John A. Bellone, Douglas J. Navarick, and Raquel Mendoza

Deictic Relational Responding, Empathy, and Experiential Avoidance as Predictors of Social Anhedonia: Further Contributions From Relational Frame Theory. Roger Vilardaga, Ana Estévez, Michael E. Levin, and Steven C. Hayes

A Psychological Biathlon: The Relationship Between Level of Experiential Avoidance and Perseverance on Two Challenging Tasks. Robert D. Zettle, Stacy L. Barner, Suzanne R. Gird, Linda T. Boone, Debra L. Renollet, and Charles A. Burdsal

Improving International-Level Chess Players' Performance With an Acceptance-Based Protocol: Preliminary Findings. Francisco J. Ruiz and Carmen Luciano

Sequential Responding in Accordance With Temporal Relational Cues: A Comparison of Before and After. John M. Hyland, Dennis P. O'Hora, Julian C. Leslie, and Sinéad Smyth

Using Postfeedback Delays to Improve Retention of Computer-Based Instruction. Douglas A. Johnson and Alyce M. Dickinson

Recognizing the Directionality of an Arrow Affects Subsequent Judgments of a Temporal Statement: The Role of Directionality in Spatial Metaphors. Chi-Shing Tse and Jeanette Altarriba

The Function Acquisition Speed Test (FAST): A Behavior Analytic Implicit Test for Assessing Stimulus Relations. Anthony O'Reilly, Bryan Roche, Maria Ruiz, Ian Tyndall, and Amanda Gavin

The Association Between Delay Discounting and Schizotypal Personality Characteristics in a Nonclinical Sample. Jeffrey N. Weatherly

Makeup and Menstrual Cycle: Near Ovulation, Women Use More Cosmetics. Nicolas Guéguen

The Effects of Multiple Exemplar Training on a Working Memory Task Involving Sequential Responding in Children With Autism. Lisa Baltruschat, Marcus Hasselhorn, Jonathan Tarbox, Dennis R. Dixon, Adel Najdowski, Ryan David Mullins, and Evelyn Gould


On Certain Similarities Between Mainstream Psychology and the Writings of B. F. Skinner. Murray Goddard


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