Volume 62·Number 2·Spring 2012

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Verbal Behavior in Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders at the Onset of an Early Behavioral Intervention Program. Mélina Rivard and Jacques Forget

Effects of Two Training Conditions on the Emergence of Novel Intraverbals: An Extension of Pérez-González et al. (2008). Charlotte L. Carp and Anna Ingeborg Petursdottir

The Role of Intraverbal Exchanges in Assessing Parent–Child Relationships. Nurper Gökhan, Tracy A. Dennis, and Angela M. Crossman

Training and Deriving Precalculus Relations: A Small-Group, Web-Interactive Approach. Jenny McGinty, Chris Ninness, Glen McCuller, Robin Rumph, Andrea Goodwin, Ginger Kelso, Angie Lopez, and Elizabeth Kelly

Titration of Limited Hold to Comparison in Conditional Discrimination Training and Stimulus Equivalence Testing. Erik Arntzen and Silje Haugland

The Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) as a Measure of Spider Fear. Emma Nicholson and Dermot Barnes-Holmes

Measuring Joint Stimulus Control by Complex Graph/Description Correspondences. Lanny Fields and Jack Spear

Effects of Swim Stress on Neophobia and Reconditioning Using a Conditioned Taste Aversion Procedure. Jennifer M. Walker, Ashley K. Ramsey, Stephanie W. Fowler, and Todd R. Schachtman

Delay Discounting Rates Are Temporally Stable in an Equivalent Present Value Procedure Using Theoretical and Area Under the Curve Analyses. Justin Harrison and Ryan McKay


The Heuristic Value of Cognitive Terminology. Thomas R. Zentall

Does Abstracting Threaten a Sustainable Future? Lyle K. Grant


Burrhus F. Skinner: The Shaper of Behavior by F. Toates, reviewed by Lyle K. Grant

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